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The game begins with a peculiar talking Pikachu, the title character, who despite not being as powerful and nimble as other Pikachu of his kind, is rather intelligent and claims to be a great detective. One day, Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, the main protagonist, who is able to understand what he is saying. Mar 5, The game stars Tim Goodman, a young man who has just arrived in Ryme City on a quest to find his missing father. Right away, he crosses paths with a peculiar Pokémon—a Pikachu wearing a tiny detective hat. Even more unusual is that this Pikachu can talk! It would seem, however, that Tim is the only. A special Pikachu and his friend Tim uncover the mysteries of Ryme City in Detective Pikachu for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family. This Pikachu is unlike any other—the gruff Pokémon talks tough, loves strong coffee, and boasts about his brilliance as a wannabe great detective. Side by side, Tim and Pikachu will search.

Mar 23, As Tim Goodman, you'll partner with a self-proclaimed "great detective" Pikachu to solve strange occurrences all over Ryme City. Together you must investigate, take notes, and meet up with other Pokémon to unravel the city's greatest mysteries! Tim is searching for his missing father in Ryme City, but. Feb 22, In Detective Pikachu, a new game coming on March 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, you must team up with the self-proclaimed "great detective" While Pikachu and his friend Tim search for Tim's father, Harry, they unwittingly stumble into the mysterious case of the problematic Pokémon. Mar 5, How can this Pikachu speak, and where does he come from? And why does he — and Nintendo is careful to clarify that it is, in fact, a male Pikachu — act and talk like an old-timey detective? While the surface-level purpose of the game's narrative is to find main character Tim Goodman's father, who's gone.

Jan 12, As its title suggests, it features an oddly talkative Pikachu who also happens to be a detective. This coffee-slurping, gun-shooting version of Pikachu is helping a boy named Tim find his father. The sleuthing Pikachu is also getting his own amiibo that will trigger in-game hints. Notably, Detective Pikachu is. A few days later, Tim and Pikachu head to Cappucci Island in search of John Waals, the founder of PCL who conducted research into R ten years prior to the events of the game. On the island, they find Dr. Waals is being held by Ryme City Police Department lieutenant Brad McMaster on the suspicion that Waals is the. Feb 23, Nintendo released a new clip from its latest game, Detective Pikachu, and it's a bit of a bizarre one. When the first Japanese trailer Set in Ryme City where humans and Pokémon live side by side, Pikachu and his human friend Tim go on a journey to find Tim's missing father. The disappearance seems to.


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