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Battlefield 3 hd texture pack pc

Battlefield 3™. , 11/1/ Battlefield 3™ HD Texture Pack. The Battlefield 3™ HD Texture Pack brings out the optimal visual quality in the award- winning action game Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3™ HD Texture Pack. Release date: 8/9/; Developer: DICE; Publisher: Electronic Arts; Genre: Shooter. Overview (1 of 2). The water looks amazing!! I seen comparisons and after playing I have been blown away this is more then enough graphically for me. DandadaGaming. Enlisted: I think I was hearing some ppl say PS4 looks like PC on medium? how about not even on LOW! JayDoh 24 Oct To recap, Battlefield 3 on Xbox and PS3 has an optional HD texture install. The game's The Xbox version of DICE's Battlefield 3 will ship on two discs —one dedicate to Read more The video above compares the game running first with the pack installed and then without (it's the version).

29 Oct I've watched the comparison video's but I would like to hear opinions from people who have used it. I have a 4GB xbox and was bummed when i realized i couldn't install the texture pack to my xbox. So im thinking about dishing out $ and buying a gig HD for my xbox slim, but before i do that, can any. Can you tell which is which? The pack is apparently coming GB and is on the MP disc. They literally change geomtry of items and add in items in th. 10 Oct Battlefield 3 Has Optional High Resolution Texture Pack Install On Xbox Subject: General Tagged: pc gaming, ea, dice, bf3, battlefield 3 The PC will have graphical settings (far) surpassing those of the Xbox and PS3; however , it is not clear how the hierarchy will stack up from there. The PS3.

For Battlefield 3 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "HD texture pack won't install.". 4 May Battlefield 3 PC. Battlefield 3 HD texture pack. Battlefield 3 no hd pack. PC is obviously the winner in a graphics comparison, but we all knew that already. What we didn't know was just how well the Xbox version of Battlefield 3 with the HD texture pack installed looks in comparison. PC clearly has the.


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