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Battlefield 4 ps4 stuck

When I try to load bf4 it gets stuck on the loading screen before the menu page. I have a good internet connection. I'm running a hard copy of bf4. I have tried backing out and restarting, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? supersilverRIZLA. MN Enlisted: Play something. So I recently bought Battlefield 4 on PS4 after playing it for years on PS3. But now I need to install multiplayer, but its stuck on 29% for an hour. Secondly the game started installing, but still froze a couple times. I've been trying to re install BF4 on my PS4. It downloaded fine and has all updates, however, the multiplayer install is stuck at 27%. It keeps flashing up saying "installing multiplayer paused" too.

I have a physical disc copy of BF4 from Gamestop. I have tried to install the game over 13 times now and it always gets stuck at at a percentage and won't go anymore. I download all the patches and updates fine, within secs. I have a mbps internet connection. So I can get all the updates fine, the game just will not. I am having an issue where I cannot get BF4 to install on the PS4. It will install the campaign %, but gets stuck at xx% for multiplayer. I am. 30 Nov I can play the first mission, then it tells me it's installing content and just stays at 25% complete. I had this problem last night, loaded up again.

4 Feb Disconnect the PS4 from the internet and then try installing the game. The only errors I've had with my PS4 involve War frame and BF4. Last night when I first booted it up I was updating war frame and the console froze. So I had to hold the power down for a while till it forced shutdown. Then BF4. I've had to delete and reinstall this damn game at least 4 or 5 times. The last time it corrupted my. 5 Dec A bit earlier today, EA rolled out a patch to fix the one-hit-kill bug on the PS4. Since its launch on next-gen consoles, Battlefield 4 users have reported crashes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier this week, the China Rising expansion launched, but players reported being dropped, booted and unable to.


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