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Current Instructions¶. Create and add the following to ~/.bash_profile: # Homebrew binaries now take precedence over Apple defaults export PATH=/usr/ local/bin:$PATH. Install Apple Xcode command line tools: xcode-select --install. Install XQuartz: Install homebrew: ruby -e " $(curl. Macintosh. These are packages for the python from , not the apple provided python. These packages work with OSX upwards. pygame -pymacosxdmg 12MB; pygamerelease- pymacosxzip MB; pygamerelease-pymacosxzip MB. Homebrew is a package manager that's very popular on Mac. We use that to get the dependencies for pygame. brew upgrade sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf portmidi python -m venv anenv../anenv/bin/activate pip install https://github. com/pygame/pygame/archive/ If you want to install the last release, change.

10 Jan I have compiled a replicable, dependable, almost understandable set of steps to install Pygame for Python 3 that has worked across four generations of Mac OS X . Pieces of these steps appear in two or three other how-to's on the web, but this full process has been carefully tested across Mac OS X. Installing Homebrew, Python, and Pygame on OS X "python/site-packages/ pygame/", line , in __getattr__ raise NotImplementedError( MissingPygameModule) NotImplementedError: movie module not available It didn't work! Permission denied. I tried to install pygame but I failed. Mac OS High Sierra. In this supplement, you'll find instructions for install- ing Pygame for Python 3 on Mac (page 2) and Linux. (page 10). These installations can be tricky, so if you need help, ask your IT professional or another knowledgeable person. Simpler instructions for using. Pygame with Python 2 can be found in Appendix B of.

25 Apr This is the best method I've found for installing on OS X (and works with Python 3 ). Step 1: Install XCode command line tools. XCode is the tool from Apple for creating Mac and iOS applications. It can be installed from the App Store (it's free) . When it's finished, type the following at the command line: $ xcode-select -- install. Hey, I've been trying to download pygame from its website but none of the options have been working and I realised that the downloads are only meant for Mac OSX, but I have Mac OS Sierra. Is that maybe the problem? I don.


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