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The story revolves around two kings, Prithvi Vallabh (Munj) of Avantipur who is kind and just, and Tailap, a neighboring king who is cruel. With the help of his sister Mrinalvati (Durga Khote) and another neighbouring king Bhillam (K. N. Singh), Tailap manages to capture Prithvi Vallabh. The rest of the film follows incidents. Munja (reigned c. s CE), also known as Vakpati II, was an Indian king from the Paramara dynasty, who ruled in the Malwa region. He is known for consolidating the Paramara kingdom, and for patronizing poets and scholars. Munja achieved military successes against the Chahamanas, the Guhilas, the Hunas, the. Although it can't compare with the legendary original by star/director Sohrab Modi , which was made in , there are some vivid moments in this tale of pride, jealousy and revenge in ancient India, based on the famous historical novel by K L Munshi. Colour adds splendour to the settings of this remake, and director.

Upendra Trivedi In Malavpati Munj- A film based on Novel written by Kulpati Kanaiyalal Munshi Ji- A founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans. 21 Dec Malavpati Munj () - Gujarati Movie Watch Online. Starring - Nalin Dave, Mahesh Joshi, Meena Irani, Ramesh Mehta Director - Ravindra Dave Genre - Drama Movie Info - Not Available Malavpati Munj Gujarati Movie Watch Online Host Server 1 - Letwatch Watch Online Full.


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