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Zeppelin mod pack

Zeppelin Mod Pack Version created by Joshadow1 on Minecraft Version 5. Overview Updates 0 Changelog Discuss 0. This Mod-pack Adds: Zeppelin Mod, Too Many Items and Optifine. 0. likes. 0. followers. Report Modpack · · About Technic · Help · Privacy Policy · Terms of Service · Contact. Please also check out my other pack, which is getting a big update: http://www. We have 90 downloads!!! The god-damn downloads reset when the Technicpack website changed. A pack which contains only The Zepplin Mod. I try my best to reply to all comments but we. 3) go into the mods folder and find the zeppelin mod. (It will be named mod_Zeppelin-client) 4) copy the out of the archive and onto the desktop, then delete the out of the mod. 5) go out of the mods folder and go into bin. 6) open the , (NOT THE !), and put the into it.

I am very sorry to all the people who have had problems getting the latest update. It is fixed now and can be played. The update was small: Added Tinkers Construct mod and Enhanced Biomes mod. Thanks for Downloading the mudpack.:) Leave a Comment. Posted 2 years ago. Report Modpack · Hey Heres seven yachts that you can drive using Zepplin Mod or for just decoration. Inside file you will find two folders one has the world save and the other contains tic files so you can put the boats in your world if you so desire. Boats included Albatross IV Buoy Boat. 25 Aug Aircraft Mod allows you to fly anything in minecraft, this mod adds a block called Pyxis to minecraft which allows you to add.

The Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack is a series of parts designed to work with the Hooligan Labs Airships mod by @JewelShisen. Hooligan Labs isn't included with this parts pack, so you'll need to download it here. You also need the ModuleManager. It is also has optional support for Pathfinder, KIS / KAS. Ok, so I've been looking up different mods for minecraft lately. Never played with mods before, figured I'd give it a go. After a while I got the.


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